Fundraising Toolkit

Hints and Tips:
1.    Start your fundraising efforts by sending an email out to friends and family to encourage them to join your efforts and contribute
a.    Send out a reminder email – often times people want to give but lose the original email in their inbox or forget
2.    Promote the event through social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
a.    Your social media posts should share your personal story explaining why you are passionate about The Food Project and the Ride for Food
b.    Ask your friends to help spread the word to expand your network: ask them to share your post on Facebook or ‘donate a tweet’ to ask their followers to donate to your ride
c.    When someone donates, thank them by adding a thank you comment to your donation request post (don’t forget to tag them!)
3.    Make sure to thank those who donate to you promptly with a personal email!
4.    Be yourself! Take advantage of the templates provided, but make sure to use your own voice and style. Your fundraising efforts will be much more effective if you are personal and passionate.