Lincoln CSA Farm Share FAQ

What can I expect in each share?

Typically 8-12 items available in addition to pick-your-own items.

*Items available are strongly dependent on the weather each year. A hot, dry spring could result in less lettuce or spinach, but more tomatoes earlier than usual, for example. We grow over 60 varieties of vegetables and work hard to make sure you get a good variety of each in your share, from specialty crops like herbs and heirloom vegetables to farm favorites such as tomatoes, onions, and potatoes. 

What time can I pick up my share?

The pick-up window for on-farm shares is from 1pm - 6pm on Thursdays at our Lincoln site. 

What if I am going to miss a CSA pick-up?

Because we are a small organization, we are not able to reschedule your CSA pick-up to a different time or place. We encourage you to plan to have a friend or neighbor pick your share up in your place if you are unable to do so.  If you are unable to organize someone to get your share, we will donate the produce to a local food pantry.

What’s in the “pick-your-own” portion of the On-Farm share?


Sugar Snap, Snow and Shelling Peas

Fava Beans



Perennial Herbs (Sage, Oregano, Thyme, Tarragon)




Flowers (assortment for cutting including Sunflowers)

Hot Peppers

Husk Cherries

Tomatoes (Cherry, Grape, Plum, Slicing)


Kale (for those who would like more kale!)

Green Beans

*The success of each one of these crops is strongly weather-dependent, however because of the wide variety of crops, members are sure to get a good amount of some (if not all) the crops listed above.